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f-ACT Magazine provides International Inspiration for people living and working in Canberra, Australia. It focuses on subjects of interest for Canberrans and residents of the Bush Capital: These areas are Family, Fashion, Fitness, Flavour, and Fusion.

5 things f-ACT Magazine is NOT:

  1. f-ACT is not a gossip magazine/website.
  2. f-ACT is not a news magazine/website.
  3. f-ACT is not filled with advertorial content.
  4. f-ACT is not about big brands.
  5. f-ACT is not about you, or about me, BUT about WE.

5 things f-ACT Magazine has GOT:

  1. f-ACT has got inspirational content from around the world.
  2. f-ACT has got a positive vibe.
  3. f-ACT has got helpful, consistent and easy-to-read content.
  4. f-ACT has got opportunities.
  5. f-ACT has got concise and informative articles that residents of Canberra love.

Born in London, I believe there to be true beauty in the capital city of the United Kingdom, mainly through the mixture of cultures it breeds and accommodates. I am a mongrel; a cocktail if you like, of different bloods; British, Irish, Indian, and goodness knows what else… And I had always believed that London was the true blood that pumps through my body via the Central Line straight to my heart. However, having lived in the capital of Australia for two and half years (Jan 2013- June 2015), I have connected with Canberra with some kind of invisible umbilical chord, pulling me towards its multi-cultural residents, and to its lifestyle… now a permanent resident (Nov 2017), myself and my family enjoy everything the Bush Capital has to offer.

I have travelled to many countries for work and for recreation, as a young woman, as a partner and now with my husband and two children, and I have spent considerable time in the USA, including almost three months living in Hawaii. I have met so many people from so many walks of life; all so talented and amazing in their unique ways, and I want to share this inspiration with the people of Canberra…

It was after living in the ACT for just a matter of months that I came up with idea for this magazine, and I really hope that Canberra loves it, as much as I love Canberra.”

The founder of this online magazine; Permanent Resident of ACT – Entrepreneur Jordan Martin