#FASHION: Interview with #FashFest #Model @tahlia_toth

With FASHFEST happening this week in Canberra, f-ACT Magazine caught up with model Tahlia Toth of Devojka Model Agency to ask her 5 questions about the capital’s event that every fashionista wants to watch and every model wants to walk in…


What do you expect to be different at FASHFEST 2018 compared with FASHFEST 2017? 

Last year, I was a part of FASHFEST at the National Convention Centre! This year however, it is very different… The most obvious change is the venue of course, as it will be at the National Gallery of Australia, but also, there are less models so I feel really happy to be involved again. There are also only three designers for this month’s show, which is happening on Friday 19th October 2018.

tahlia at fashfest 2017

Tahlia on runway FASHFEST 2017

The designers are Megan Cannings Designs who just returned from New York Fashion Week; Hajar Gala, who showed at Paris Fashion Week, and Canberra’s Charly Thorn who is still really young, but has showcased internationally.

As there are only three designers there are just two shows on the same evening (one at 630pm and then repeated at 8pm), so this is a huge change from last year, where there were three shows across three nights all with different designers.

Question #2

As a model, how do you prepare for a show like FASHFEST?

Fittings are very important to prepare for FASHFEST to ensure that the outfit that the designer wants you to wear fits well, and hangs well. After fittings there may need to be alterations or sometimes a new outfit altogether.

The night before the event, there are the obvious preparations such as having your hair washed, face moisturised, and you need to make sure you are completely hydrated. This is good for your skin, but also your overall system.

I always pack my bag the night before too, which will include everything a model needs on a show day.

Fashfest 2017 model


Question #3

What do find the most exciting aspect of runway model?

Every time I’m on the runway almost always feels like a new experience, which is exciting just in itself.

I love meeting new people and making new friends – I’m still friends with some girls I met last year.

Being able to wear beautiful garments to showcase for others is also exciting and special too, because designers put so much effort into their collections and this is the moment to show them to the world.

Question #4

As October’s show is at the National Gallery of Australia – how do you personally think art and fashion relate?

I believe fashion is just another form of art…

Fashion is a result of creativity and passion that designers have and the shows are there to share creative ideas and express different moods through colour, fabric and shape…

This is why I think FASHFEST being showcased at the National Gallery is an excellent idea…


Fashion is just as important as any other art form. After all, fashion too has a lot of history behind it and has been involved in many historical movements and continues to influence culture.

Question #5

Can you share a story or piece of advice for any aspiring models wanting to walk in a future FashFest show?

I think FASHFEST is a great way to meet new people and to gain new experiences…

I was never one to ever want to be a part of any type of catwalk before last year’s fashfest, but from experience it is not nearly as scary as it may seem.

Besides, being a part of something communal makes it far more worth it, so I would recommend for anyone that’s thinking about getting involved in FASHFEST in the future, to just go for it, it can be very rewarding.

And if modelling isn’t your thing, then you can just come and watch one of the shows.

Thanks Tahlia.

Tickets for FASHFEST are available via the official website: https://fashfest.com.au/tickets/

tahlia devojka models photo by tina nikolovski

Photographer: Tina Nikolovski

You can follow Tahlia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tahlia_toth/ 

Or Check her model page out: https://devojka.com.au/models/tahlia-toth/

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