#Family: 5 Steps for a Brilliant Mr. Tall Book Week costume…

I wanted to dress up as a man being eaten by a shark – but my mum said I had to decide on a more appropriate choice for Book Week 2018… her idea was one of the Mr Men, and I must admit I thought it was babyish at first – but they are good books and my sister still has lots of them, that used to be mine. Here are 5 steps for creating a hilarious, easy Mr Tall (from the Mr Men series by Roger Hargreaves) costume for Book Week:

Step 1:

Try on a completely white fitted outfit – I used skinny jeans and a white t-shirt – they were cheap from Big W and so my mum didn’t mind painting on them.

The white is like the cover of the book in a way and my dad wrote the title on my sleeve.

My dad used a pencil and ruler to draw lines from the ankle to neck and then went over it with a black permanent marker. You have to have a steady hand!

Step 2:

My mum used a blue paint – not purple blue, or green blue or navy blue – it has to be close to the Mr Tall colour… the colour is actual similar to my school colours. She put paper inside the t-shirt so the paint didn’t mark both sides or stick. And she put old black tights inside the legs of the white jeans for the same reason.

Step 3:

Create the hands with blue foam to match the colour of the paint and staple them to a head band or blue hat…

This was the tricky bit. I had to stand still while my mum stapled blue hands near ny ears. My dad super glued the fingers together.

I decided to have blue spray on my hair and to wear a pirate head band because the theme for my school was ‘Hidden Treasure’ – so my costume is actually me dressed as Mr Tall dressed as a pirate.

Step 4:

I have never had face paint on – but I don’t like masks because they are freaky so I chose face paint all in blue and my mum used her black makeup to make a Mr Tall smile.

Basically, my whole head was Mr Tall’s body!

Step 5:

Finishing touches include either wearing red big shoes – or you can cover your shoes… my mum used red felt from LinCraft and stapled it around my shoe when I was wearing it – so we had to get up earlier than usual to do the hair, face and shoes.

I took the book to school with me with a red ball that we made to look like Mr. Small… And my sister used the left over felt and foam to make coats for her horses – so there as no waste!

One last thing, remember some kids won’t dress up, or will only do a bit of dress up… but other kids do big dress ups like cardboard costumes, bought outfits, or face paint and props… even the teachers… so if you want to dress up, don’t worry about looking silly.


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