#Fashion: 5 Reasons to use @thinlizzybeauty 6 in 1 Pro Powder by @emilyrosebraithwaite

Sydney based make-up artist Emily Rose shares five reasons why beauty lovers in Canberra will love Thin Lizzy’s new 6 in 1 Professional Powder…

#Reason 1

The 6 in 1 Professional Powder has the quality of a high end product, but at an affordable price of a drugstore brand.

#Reason 2

Make-up Artists carry heavy kits and need compact make-up. The 6 in 1 powder can be used as a bronzer, contour, foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick… so it has more than one function and is versatile.

Emily Rose

#Reason 3

The product reflects the colour of your own skin so it matches everyone’s skin tone. This takes the guessing game out of colour matching, and is really helpful for peole applying their own make-up as well as for beginner make-up artists and experienced make-up artists under time pressure.

#Reason 4

Everyone can use both the light and the dark. For light skin tones: The dark to contour and the light to bronze. For the darkest skin tones: the dark as an all over foundation and the light to highlight.

#Reason 5

The product has enough neutral undertone that it can be used to contour unlike many very red based bronzers.

Here Emily explains more for the recent Thin Lizzy commercial:

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