#Fusion: 5 Reasons to visit a book store instead of ordering online


Reading is a great way to relax and to keep learning, and there are still some really lovely bookstores in the world, but more and more of us are opting to buy online versions of novels or order text books via the Internet. Here are 5 reasons to visit a book store the next time you buy a book.

Reason #1

Forget about the big book chains or supermarkets, go on an adventure wherever you are in the world and locate a quaint book store. You will feel a sense of excitement finding it. There is also feelings of wonder and a sense of tradition about being in a bookstore, surrounded by shelves of stories.

Reason #2

You can meet interesting people when you venture outside of your usual schedule, and even make lasting friendships.

Reason #3

The book store may have signings with established or up and coming authors, giving you an opportunity to meet them and get your book signed, and more importantly find out more about the books you are reading.

Reason #4

If you love books consider visiting your local store for a reading club, and make a social thing out of reading… often book stores have a cosy reading corner, where you can escape from the busy world outside the store.

Reason #5

Supporting a small business or book shop is a valuable thing to do, so make the effort to give them your custom.

Illustration: Ara Eden Lee

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