#Fitness: 5 Tips for getting the best #bum ever!

If you think that hours of running on the treadmill is going to get you the butt you’ve always wanted, then think again, because Personal Trainer Marc Dressen says research shows that targeted fat loss is just a myth, so here are 5 of the best butt exercises that will actually tone, sculpt and lift..


Once you’ve mastered the squat, it will be time to move on to the deadlift. This exercise trains every aspect of your body at once. It’s particularly beneficial when it comes to building your glutes and hamstrings, because it involves a lot of interaction with these areas.


The beauty of this exercise is that it also shapes your thighs and strengthens your lower back at the same time.


This is the secret weapon for building up the muscles in your butt – and you’ll find it in almost every athlete’s routine. There are plenty of variations for the types of hip thrust that you can do, but for getting a great butt, you should focus on single-leg, band, and barbell options.Bottom and butt


This incredibly basic and popular movement is excellent for carving out great glutes. Though some people still don’t recognise the lunge as the perfect movement for butt exercise – research has shown that the glutes are essential for pulling you back to the standing position. If you can’t do regular lunges due to problems with your knees, you can always opt for a reverse lunge instead.


This form of body-sculpting is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to building muscularity in the lower body, and strength. If you want a great butt and fantastic legs, then you need to squat deep, and use a wider stance. Why? Because the deeper you squat, the more work your legs and butt need to do. You can take these to the Jump Squats too:

The bottom line is that the process for building an incredible butt is no secret. All you need to accomplish great things is persistent work with easy, straight-forward exercises. Combining the knowledge and exercises we’ve outlined above should get you on the road to an incredible butt in no time.


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