#Family: 5 reasons to sign up to #RozyGlow online self-study

You’re just like your father” “She worries like her mother”. Family traits pass through generations. How we develop our personalities, expectations of life, even our health profile, is largely attributable to information our mother feeds us during pregnancy; via her perception of safety or threats.

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Fifty years research into pre and neonatal influences show that early experiences prepare us for the world we enter into. We are not born a blank slate as previously believed. We experience pain during birth and have cellular memory of any trauma experienced in the womb and before and after birth.

Our own unique blueprint is our Authentic Self – our ‘essence’ is the part of us that exists before and beyond any conditioning we received before and after birth. It is the part of us that is capable of changing our experience of life – by changing our expectations.

RozyGlow self study programmes help you to access and activate your ‘Authentic Self’:

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  1. Set an intention to reveal the blocks: Release the blocks you have to creating the life you want. Through gracefully clearing up your sub conscious resistance you are shown how to identify the true causes of your unhappiness & learn how to stop the repetition. Teaching you that only You can be responsible for your happiness…moving out of ‘victim’ consciousness is the first step to living as your Authentic Self.
  2. Take the best and leave the rest! Create lasting life change through your subconscious: Learn how to align your sub conscious mind with your conscious will. Clearing the erroneous inherited conditioning. Clearing your cellular memory of inherited and directly experienced physical/emotional and psychological trauma, limiting beliefs, familial, social and cultural conditioning & expectations of life. Allowing you to live authentically, by divine design.
  3. Become the person you aspire to be: Work with your thought processes, emotional patterns, physical habits and spiritual outlook, to align with your ‘Divine Design’ The version of you motivated by love & trust – rather than fear or the need to control to feel safe in the world. As you change your view of the world, the world around you changes!
  4. Life by Divine Design: Develop an individual tool kit for use everyday. Addressing the symptoms and causes of disharmony in your life. The changes you make are life transforming and long lasting. Each person is unique, therefore discovering your responses gives you confidence to access you own innate intelligence and trust your intuition. Activating the power of your imagination to allow the ‘magic in the mundane’; co creating the life you desire and deserve.
  5. Use the force: Unleash the power tool that puts you in control of creating the reality you want.

FearLESS and Empowered and Free to be MERozyGlow teaches you how to be a co creator of your reality. Shape your outer world by changing your inner world. Learn how to radiate and magnetise what you want and enjoy ever increasing never-ending flow.

Please contact Rozy directly by emailing Rosanna@rozyglow.com to find out more about her programs & receive one Breakthrough strategy 121 session with her ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvuNut5zNxdQjVp6s0o7tfw?view_as=subscriber
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RozyGlow/?ref=br_rs

RozyGlow self study programs are available as self paced digital programs, or alongside live video coaching with Rozy herself!

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