#Family: 5 Tips for an amazing #WillyWonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kids’ party

A Willy Wonka party is a great idea for kids around the ages of five-years-old to eight-years-old, because the movie is a fun way to get children excited about the party and the best part for parents is that there are only five Golden Tickets, so no inviting the entire class and then some this year!

Here are five tips for making your child’s Willy Wonka party authentic…

Willy Wonker Party

  1. Golden Ticket Invites: Print out Golden Tickets as invites and give each child a bar of chocolate with the invitation in. Remember there are only five kids going to this chocolate celebration – so you can be a little extravagant. There are actual Willy Wonka branded choc bars available in candy stores too.
  2. Lick-able Wallpaper: Use A3 card and create stripes and fruit shapes with different coloured card. Stitch fruit flavoured Polo sweets or Lifesaver candy to the corresponding fruit shape. Make sure that each child sticks to their stripe for hygiene reasons.Lickable wallpaper.jpg
  3. Edible Plants: Create flowers with tissue paper and add fruit jellies or fruit pastels as the flower centres. Also add candy sticks for extra sweetness. Candy tree
  4. Creative Characters and Chocolate: Add Violet, Augustus, Mike TV, Verruca, and even Slugworth to your party in creative ways… Use a massive blue exercise ball as Violet, and the cake obviously has to be chocolate! As there will be lots of chocolate, maybe opt for veg sticks and fruit as a healthy balance to a chocolate fountain and marshmallows.Willy Wonlker cake
  5. Hat Goody Bags: You can buy cheap party hats that are bright purple like Willy Wonka’s top hat, and fill it will lots of candy goodies.violet

Photos: Copyright J P Martin

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