#Fashion: 5 Reasons why #beauty is #therapy @KelliWaldock

Beauty therapist, make-up artist and nail technician Kelli Waldock shares 5 reasons why beauty is therapy…

Beauty Therapy

  1. When using make-up people feel better and more confident because they look their best, and make-up can really bring out the beauty in everyone.
  2. The process of applying make-up can be really relaxing… sitting still, and not slouched, closing eyes, and having the motions of the brush strokes… these all contribute to a state of relaxation.
  3. Beauty therapies such as having nails done, or having facials or other treatments such as massage are all great for overall wellbeing. The human touch can be comforting even if subtle.
  4. Make-up and nails means lots of colour… which is great… because wearing colours can lift our moods. Vibrant tones can make us feel confident and happy, and pastel tones are relaxing and soothing.
  5. Choosing colours and looks is also really good for mindset, as it is a decision-making process – yes even choosing what colour eye shadow to wear makes people feel good as they have made a positive decision. Also, just by committing some time to yourself is really great for overall wellbeing.

Feature Image: Samantha Jones Photography

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