#Family: 5 Interview questions answered by @MarcDressenPT about health, sport and supporting @JeansforGenes

Marc Dressen (London and Germany) has years of experience as a personal trainer, NLP Coach and Sports Scientist, and he answers five interview questions for f-ACT Magazine:

Marc_Dressen_Genes for Jeans f-ACT

  1. Why have you decided to support Jeans for Genes UK? I’ve been training kids over the past two decades and I love it. Therefore, I want to raise the awareness of the importance of looking after our body, as most of us have been blessed with a ‘healthy body’ and we take this for granted – which for those dealing with gene defects is not the case… they value what they have because they are coping with conditions every day. I want people, young and old, to understand we need to look after our bodies … we are only given one in our life time.
  2. Why is it so important that we get our children exercising from a young age? The next generation is ‘feeling lost’ or bored if they don’t spend time in front of a TV or iPad or mobile phone. This behaviour leads to kids being overweight at a very young age, this is dangerous and sad as most of the diseases related to being overweight can easily be prevented. That’s why I say move your body every day, and this along with a mindful diet leads to a healthy life.
  3. Why is sport a crucial part of a human’s life? Sport is great in any way! If you do it just for fun or as a competitive athlete, you do it to feel better. Your body adapts to the physical challenges and you get stronger, faster, more flexible, increase your stamina and so on… so the question is why wouldn’t you do sports? 
  4. What sports are good to kick start your fitness regime? This is really easy. Do something that is FUN! If you love it you’ll stick to it.
  5. How can we change our relationship with exercise? Managing your expectations. What do I mean by that? Most of us have a younger fitter version of ourselves which we love to compare ourselves too. We say things like… ‘When I was eighteen-years-old I did this and that, I weighed this much, I pushed that much weight’ … And the list goes on. What I’m telling my clients is what I’m telling you now, be aware of who you are now and it’s totally okay to not be 100% fit the first time you enter a gym. Start small again!

Support @JeansforGenes:  UK: www.jeansforgenesday.org Australia: www.jeansforgenes.org.au

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