#Fusion: 5 #Tips when #driving in #Portugal this summer @justtyres #RoadRules

Just Tyres share important road rules from around the world, so if you are travelling this summer and plan to hire a car, check out these five tips for driving in #Portugal

Portugal flag free image road rules

  1. Driving with bikes: It is common to bring over or rent bikes to ride whilst on holiday, but bear in mind that in Portugal it is illegal to carry these bikes on the back of your car. Instead, you’ll have to purchase a roof mounted bike rack to transport them.
  2. Drinking and Driving: For those who have been driving for less than three years, the blood alcohol limit is 0.02%. The level for the rest of the drivers in the country is 0.05% and, if you’re found to be between 0.05% and 0.08%, you can expect a fine or a withdrawal of your license. For any level above 0.08%, you could lose your license for up to two years.
  3. Fines: If you do receive a fine in Portugal, it will be issued on the spot and you must pay it in euros. So, for those travelling from countries with an alternate currency, such as the UK, Australia and America, be sure to carry euros at all times.
  4. License: Always remember to carry your valid in-date driver’s license.
  5. Safety: Always ensure you and your passengers wear seatbelts during your journeys and that you stay as road safe as possible, including checking your tyres before long journeys: For more information on www.justtyres.co.uk

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