#Fusion: 5 #Tips when #driving in #Germany this summer @justtyres #RoadRules

Just Tyres share important road rules from around the world, so if you are travelling this summer and plan to hire a car, check out these five tips for driving in #Germany

German Flag

  1. Fines: In Germany, if you fail to stop at a red light you could be given either an on the spot fine, two points on your driver’s license or a one month suspension of your license. Not an ideal holiday!
  2. Legal driving age: Even though you can hold a full driver’s license from the age of 17 in the UK, you must be at least 18 to drive or ride a motor vehicle in Germany. This rule applies to all foreign visitors to Germany too.
  3. Accidents and incidents: As a holidaymaker or traveller in Italy, you could still be at risk of having your vehicle confiscated by police if you’re involved in a serious incident. Being a foreign motorist or road-tripper doesn’t excuse you from this rule.
  4. License: Always remember to carry your valid in-date driver’s license.
  5. Safety: Always ensure you and your passengers wear seatbelts during your journeys and that you stay as road safe as possible, including checking your tyres before long journeys: For more information on www.justtyres.co.uk

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