#Fusion: 5 #Tips when #driving in #USA this summer @justtyres #RoadRules

Just Tyres share important road rules from around the world, so if you are travelling this summer and plan to hire a car, check out these five tips for driving in #America

USA Flag

  1. Undertaking: In some countries, it might be alarming to see a vehicle undertaking another vehicle. However, if you’re visiting the USA this summer don’t be alarmed if you see a vehicle undertaking – it’s completely legal and is quite commonplace, especially on motorways.
  2. Four-way intersections: When driving in the States, you’re likely to come across a four-way intersection. At four-way intersections with no lights or stop signs, there is no definite right of way and so it’s an unspoken rule that the first car to arrive has priority. Keep vigilant to make sure no other driver thinks they have right of way, too!
  3. Right turns at stop lights: In every State in the USA, you’re allowed to make a right turn at a red stop light, unless it’s otherwise indicated. However, if you’re exploring the Big Apple this summer you should know that there is an exception to this rule here – it’s illegal to turn right at a red light anywhere in New York City.
  4. License: Always remember to carry your valid in-date driver’s license.
  5. Safety: Always ensure you and your passengers wear seatbelts during your journeys and that you stay as road safe as possible, including checking your tyres before long journeys: For more information on www.justtyres.co.uk

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