#Flavour: 5 Tips for #cocktail tipples at @DirtyMartiniUk

What better way to start the weekend than with a cocktail at Dirty Martini in London’s Liverpool Street – just opposite the main entrance of the train station? Here are 5 Tips for choosing a cocktail at Dirty Martini for Spirited Sophistication…

  1. #Happyhour gets busy, so grab two drinks at a time if you want to make the most of the half price selected cocktails… Opt for a refreshing and crisp Classic Dirty Martini to start… times two.
  2. Line your tummy before ordering more drinks as those cocktails will go straight to your head. Luckily the cocktail bar has a platter menu. Try the Blueberry & Basil Mojito for a refreshing fruity balance to complement your snack.Dirty Martini
  3. After you have eaten some food, you may be interested in a sweet drink; something as good as a dessert with honeycomb, grated chocolate and a shot of expresso… The Bee Hive is delicious.
  4. The staff are friendly and expert drink mixers, so enjoy the experience of watching them prepare your drinks as if it were an art form or performance… Try The Butterfly Effect if you love the balance of @HendricksGin and fresh raspberries, and chillax in the stylish setting and check out some of the cool artwork and decorative glass ceiling.
  5. Dirty Martini also offers a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails and wines, which are worth a try if visiting this part of London this season. Try the #Mocktail Lavender & Elderflower Pink Lemonade for a fresh taste of summer.

For the menu and more info: http://dirtymartini.uk.com  


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