#Flavour: 5 Reasons to eat out at @SagarVeg in Covent Garden, #London

Sagar is a vegan Indian restaurant and here are 5 reasons to dine there:

  1. The food is packed full of Indian flavour, with delicate spicing and balanced aftertaste. I forgot to take a picture of the food – because it smelt divine and tasted amazing… I snapped the empty plate. ;o)Saga restaurant
  2. There are a variety of drinks available, including traditional Indian yogurt drinks, vegetarian wines, and herbal teas.
  3. The staff are friendly, efficient and attentive. During our visit, the waiter made suggestions from the menu and moved us to a larger table to accommodate our choice of platter.
  4. Not all Indian restaurants offer a range of desserts, and often stick to ice-creams, sorbet and maybe Kulfi, but Sagar have some of my favs: Ras Malai and Payasam… Another reason to revisit the stylish, yet cosy restaurant, so I can try all of the desserts.
  5. The bill was so reasonable, I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

Other Sagar Veg restaurants are in Hammersmith, West End and Harrow. http://www.sagarveg.co.uk

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