#Family: 5 Tips for #teambuilding and reconnecting with your partner

Partnerships need to be positive and strong… and daily life can get in the way of building these all-important connections with our significant others… so here are five tips to help you to re-connect and team build with your partner…

  1. Survive together… Go camping… not glamping! Reconnect with nature and each other. Cook with a portable stove and share a sleeping bag to stay warm.camp together
  2. Talk together… Yes – look into each other’s eyes and communicate about anything; about life, about cool stuff… but do not gossip! And, do not have your phone or iPad in arm’s reach. Reconnect old school style.
  3. Build together… buy a piece of flat-pack furniture – that you need of course! One of you read the instructions and the other one can check all the bits are there before you build it from the ground up.
  4. Cook together… usually within a relationship there is one person that prefers the cooking than the other… but try cooking together; choosing a recipe, buying the ingredients and taking the time to prepare the food, whilst listening to your favourite songs.
  5. Create together… Do something really fun like making a giant origami pet… check out this video for inspiration:

Image: copyright J P Martin


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