#Family: 5 Inspirational animals I think are awesome

Hi, Rex here and because I love wildlife and sea life I decided to share 5 awesome animals… that most kids my age love…


  1. Sharks: There are loads of cool sharks in fact about 450… fast ones like the Mako Shark and slow ones like the Thresher Shark… Big ones like the Whale Shark and small ones like the Lantern Shark. My favourite is the Port Jackson Shark. The cool things about sharks are they never lose all their teeth and they rule the ocean.Sharkf-act copyright
  2. Dogs: Although dogs poop in the house, they are very fun to play with…after a few hundred shoes have been chewed… ‘No! don’t eat that!’… my favourite dog is the Boston terrier.
  3. Aardvark: These are funny creatures to look at and best of all they have long, sticky tongues to help them eat ants and termites.
  4. Snakes: These might be a bit scary at first, and yes, they can be deadly creatures, but some snakes are just cute rat-eating reptiles. It is important to be really still with dangerous snakes and not walk through long grass just in case they bite you. ‘OUCH!”
  5. Jelly Fish: Shockingly shocking creatures jelly fish! Some people say they might even take over the world one day… Jelly fish can look like plastic bags in the ocean… plastic bags shouldn’t be in the sea, but they are sometimes… and turtles eat the bags thinking they are jelly fish, which is not good. When I was laying on my surf board I got caught in a big wave and got stung by a Blue Bottle Jelly Fish… ‘Zap!’

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