#Flavour: 5 Tips for using #lemons to stay #healthy

Lemons get a bad name… they may be a tad too tangy at times, or too bitter for your taste buds, but they are a great addition to your weekly grocery pick-up… here are 5 tips for using lemons to stay healthy…

  1. Drink lemon and warm water to kick start your digestive system in the morning.
  2. Lemons are said to have anti-bacterial properties, so to soothe a sore throat, mix up a warm water, honey and lemon drink.lemon
  3. Get your vital dose of Vitamin C by squeezing a lemon and downing it neat!
  4. Add a squeeze of lemon to your seafood and fish dishes to bring out natural flavours and to reduce the fishy smell of your meal that can sometimes make our tummies turn.
  5. Add lemon zest to a clean cakes recipe for an afternoon treat… This Clean Cake book by Henrietta Inman is amazing.

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