#Fusion: 5 Reasons to watch the independent short film #NakedDreams

Jennifer Karen lives in Paris where ‘NAKED DREAMS’ was filmed, it is an English speaking short film and here are 5 reasons to watch it…naked dreams

  1. “NAKED DREAMS” is Jennifer Karen’s debut as a screen writer, co-director and co-producer, and also shows her in the lead role of Joanna.
  2. With years of acting experience, Jennifer pours depth and emotion into this movie from the point of creation to post production. It is refreshing to watch.
  3. It is a short movie, so you can watch it on a train journey or during your lunch break… Or even a coffee break, as it is just 14 minutes in length.
  4. This is a story of relationships, human nature and emotion. It deals with the juxtaposition of a surreal world and that of reality.
  5. We can support an independent creative team by watching Naked Dreams, contact Jennifer for the Vimeo URL and password to watch the film.

Here is the teaser:

Read Jennifer’s feature here on f-ACT Magazine, and find out more about Jennifer on her website: http://www.jenniferkaren.com

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