#Fashion: 5 Tips for your beauty business by Jackie Callow of #Earthzest

When Jackie Callow, 48 from Southend-on-Sea in the UK established Earthzest in 2014, her aim was to create the highest quality, most effective skin formulations, without using any synthetics, filler or animal products whatsoever.  Here are Jackie’s 5 Tips to win over beauty fans…

  1. Choose your battles and commit to them: There are so many products out there and there is no point trying to be all things to all people. Pick what you’re passionate about, highlight an issue or solve a beauty problem, and you’ll have instant appeal. We are all individuals and we all care about different things, but if you are very passionate about something, chances are others will be too.
  2. Have good social media practises: It’s important to be able to get hold of your website designer or social media manager, or even just to be able to access your site or Instagram easily, without fumbling for passwords, or allowing hackers easy access. Ensure you can get through to your technical people in an emergency, even if you have to get someone out of bed to fix your website in the middle of the night like I have had to do.
  3. Be authentic to attract good vibrations: Twilight and Downton Abbey actress MyAnna Buring told the Daily Mail’s glossy magazine that Earthzest products helped her adult acne… I created something that helped somebody and made her happier, and she repaid me a thousand times over, and gave that happiness back to me in bucket loads. That is the way the world should be! Be authentic and strive for goodness and happiness, and I’m convinced that good things will happen as a result.Earthzest Organics
  4. Be obsessive about detail: Marketing, advertising, logos and social media – all of these things cost money, and they’re all a risk to a certain extent. But something that is completely free and never a risk, is having obsessive attention to detail. Pay attention to all aspects of your beauty business, from the product, to the customers… Because It’s all in the detail.
  5. Have the right attitude before asking for anything: Before you ask anyone for anything in this business, tune in to all of the reasons you’re doing this, and I promise you’ll feel so good asking them, that they will take some of those good vibes home with them, and hopefully pass your details on to their friends, family, or even a reporter!

Visit: https://www.earthzest.co.uk

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