#Fusion: 5 Inspirational pieces of #artwork from Marcus Clarke AKA #Bookaboo

Marcus Clarke is a puppet maker and puppeteer and has been operating Hands Up Puppets with his wife Helen Smee, who does the same job, since 1989. Between them they have made many characters for TV and film, including Helen’s #MilkshakeMonkey for Channel 5, and Marcus is the voice and puppeteer of #Bookaboo (made by Puppet Heap in USA).

Marcus and Helen have maintained this traditional and creative art that is less common in modern day, but beautiful and powerful. Marcus also creates other pieces of art that he exhibits in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

“I create artworks as Collages and Assemblages. As thought provoking Treasures. I’m interested in Icons and how we relate to them. My artwork speaks with two voices; an adult’s and a child’s… because, I am still both of those people.”

‘The Icon and its Environment. Latest artworks explore the Icon. A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration and its environment, its setting, situation and position, time and place.’

Enjoy these five pieces of artwork that Marcus has shared with f-ACT Magazine…

  1. Marcus Clarke Artist

2. ‘No, it’s not about you Andy, it’s about being an art student.’

Marcus Clarke Puppet Maker

3. Art by Marcus Clarke

4. ‘No it’s about Money Roger.’

Marcus Clarke UK Artist

5. ‘Less not fade away.’

Marcus Clarke Puppet Maker and Artist

To find out more about Marcus’ puppetry and artwork, including his vacuum pieces visit his website: http://www.handsuppuppets.com/html/Puppet_TV_Graffiti.html

Images copyright: Marcus Clarke

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