#Flavour: 5 Tips for including #strawberries in your diet

Strawberries have a natural sweetness and are very versatile, here are 5 tips for including them in your diet…

  1. Freeze them and enjoy them frozen. Save them for a hot summer day, or add as a topping on ice-cream for an extra treat. Remember to remove the green leaves before freezing, and of course wash them thoroughly.
  2. Organic strawberries are the best, or even try to grow them in your own garden, and enjoy them sliced on your morning cereal in summer or with blueberries as a porridge topper in the cooler months.
  3. Add them to a smoothie for breakfast with your other favourite fruit… if you are adding banana then also add milk or coconut milk, but if you are adding other berries add a little water or ice.
  4. Spoil yourself with some organic dark chocolate, melt it and cover the strawberries in the luscious brown stuff before popping in the fridge to set. These are fab with champagne or for an after-dinner treat.Strawberries
  5. Strawberries taste great with a salad; chop them up and add to a bed of fresh spinach, a choice of toasted nuts and seeds and some creamy avocado. Harder strawberries work well, as they add more texture and tang.

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