#Fusion: 5 Inspirational #MacroPhotography images by @vahid3d

Vahid was born in Dussledorf, Germany in Europe and has worked as a photographer and 3D animator all over the world, for big brands and films… He specialises in 3D #animations and visual effects for adverts, trailers, titles, banners, bumpers and logos, as a Fluids Dynamics Specialist, Particles & Voxels FX TD and 3D Generalist & Compositor. He presently also does ongoing research and development in Fluids Dynamics, particles and procedural animation techniques.  Scroll down to see his amazing 3D reel, and 5 inspirational #macrophotographs…

1)Vahid3d.com2) vahid3d.com animation copyright

3)Vahid3d.com copyright 01

4)Vahid3d.com Vahid copyright

5)Vahid3d.com copyright

Images copyright: Vahid 

Check out some of Vahid’s animation work on his reel below… 

Find out more on his website: www.vahid3d.com

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