#Flavour: 5 tips for buying fresh fruit from your local food market

There are a number of benefits to buying fresh fruit at a local food market. Not only is the produce super fresh but you will also have a good idea where it came from as you can ask the seller directly. However, if you fail to plan before you hit your local food market you run the risk of going home empty handed. To help you get the most out of your experience, we have 5 tips on what you need to consider when buying fresh fruit from your local food market.


  1. Time your visit: As you would naturally expect the best fruit goes first so go early to avoid the disappointment of missing out.  So the earlier you make it to market, the greater chance you have of finding the very best the market has to offer.
  2. Know what’s in season: Having an idea of what’s in season will also help give you some idea of what fruit is in its prime and what’s not.  At the height of summer you will want to snap up fruits such as apricots, plums and cherries.
  3. Talk to the sellers: If you’re not 100 per cent sure with what you are doing then don’t be afraid to ask the seller some questions to help guide you in your purchasing decision. Some questions you might want to ask may include asking them for tips on how they like to eat a particular fruit. The trick is not to be shy as they are there to help you. Most sellers should be open to talk freely about their produce, and when they do it’s a good sign that their produce is of a decent quality.
  4. Carefully inspect everything: Thankfully, picking only the freshet produce is not as complicated as it is often made out to be. The simplest thing to remember for when picking fruit is to use your senses. Ask yourself does it look appealing? How does the fruit feel to you and what does it smell like? A strong aroma is a good indicator that the fruit is still a bit over-ripe. However, if you notice an overpowering smell, then chances are you’ve got a fruit that’s past its prime.
  5. Bring a bag and plenty of change: One final golden rule for when visiting your local food market is to bring a large bag and plenty of change.  Many sellers will offer you a bag but often these are thin and flimsy and not fit to withstand the weight of heavier items. It’s also recommended to buy in bulk as sellers are likely to offer you a better deal when you spend this way, so this is another reason on why you should bring a sturdy bag along with you on your visit to the market.  You might also spot an item you had not considered buying, so having an extra bit of change will help cover any unexpected purchases.

Thanks to http://www.gogofruitbasket.com/ for kindly supplying the above article.

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