#Fashion: 5 Tips on #menswear classic white collar #shirts

Collared shirts were traditionally worn as undergarments by men and it is reported that Egyptologist Flinders Petrie discovered the garment in 3000 BC…


… The term ‘shirt’ is used across the world to refer to various garments for both men and women. Menswear fashion designers have adapted the classic cut, white collar and cuffed shirts for centuries… and here are 5 tips on how guys can wear their classic shirts:

boys in white shirts

#1 Tip:

Get a size and cut that suit your body shape – there is no point going for a super fitted style if you feel uncomfortable and cannot fasten the buttons, or wearing a loose fit if you look like you are wearing a bed sheet.

#2 Tip:

Wear your white shirt with jeans or tailored shorts… long sleeves look great with this style… but scrunch or roll the sleeves up, leaving forearms bare.

#3 Tip:

For a casual school boy look, wear your white shirt un-ironed and half tucked out of straight legged trousers or tailed short shorts, with buttons undone to the chest. You can go with a quirky tie or even a ‘granddad’ collar.

#4 Tip:

Don’t rock the ‘creased’ look when you are heading to an event or interview… go for a classic buttoned-up style with cufflinks and ironed to a starched finish. More tailored shirts look best worn this way.

#5 Tip:

Keep it white. If your white shirt has a yellow tinge, brown collar or has gone any #fiftyshadesofgray [grey] in the wash then either bleach it, or replace with a brand new crisp white shirt… don’t do ‘dirty white’ in any situation other than perhaps decorating the living room.

Image: Jordan Martin

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