#Fusion: 5 Tips for choosing the best #Pokemon cards for battle

Hi Rex here… like most 9-year kids I got caught up in the craze of #Pokemon… I am pretty certain kids in #canberra love them too. I asked my parents for cards and traded at school, until I got told I wasn’t allowed to bring my cards in any more. My best trade was probably eight EXs for the second best GX, which is called #Aunala.

Here are 5 Tips for which Pokemon cards to battle with, keep or to trade for… and check out my Pokemon collection…

  1. #Mew is a cool card to keep, in fact I would say one of the coolest Pokemon in the pack… Mew’s power is that it can turn into any Pokemon, so in a battle it can turn into a better Pokemon than its opponent and win.PokemonCards
  2. #Lugia is my personal favourite, it is very powerful and is the guardian of the ocean. It was the first card I ever got, which is cool, because I love the ocean and sea life, and my sister is called Ocean too… and I look after her, so if I was going to be a Pokemon I would be Lugia.
  3. #Lucario can shoot explosive balls out of his hands, so it can slow Legendary Golems called Regice and Regirock… and Registeel… and Regigigas.
  4. #Deoxys has four forms and is a Pokemon from space… so that is pretty cool.
  5. #Rayquaza is also very powerful, so a good one to trade for, as it can shoot explosive balls out of its mouth… it is a basically a snake with arms!


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