#Fusion: 5 Interview questions answered by #music artist @IamEckoes

ECKOES has just released her exhilarating new single, “Human” and she answers 5 interview questions for f-ACT Magazine…

  1. Human was inspired by the poetry of Maya Angelou; how do you relate to her? Maya Angelou was such an incredible force of nature. She didn’t have an easy start in life and turned into the most incredible human being – enlightened, passionate and fearless. I love people who make me want to be better and who aren’t afraid to be their most authentic self. And her list of accomplishments is just ridiculous. She was playwright, a dancer, an activist, an author, a singer, a multi- linguist, a poet, producer, University lecturer… it just goes on and on. How can you not be inspired by that?IamEckoes
  2. When did your musical journey begin? When I graduated from Uni, I got a ‘normal’ job and quit after about a year. Everyone thought I was mad, but I went to music school, got various part-time jobs and just started writing songs. Very bad songs, but just doing it. With music (or any art) you have to go right through the middle, you can’t skip any steps and just get to the good bits. And over time my writing got better, my voice got stronger, and I started to know my sound and what I wanted to say. I performed at The Royal Albert Hall this year and when I look at the journey it does make me pretty proud.
  3. What is your cultural background, and does this influence your music? I’m British born Nigerian and this one-hundred-percent influences my music. I can hear my African influence especially when I’m always asking producers for bigger drums, but I also have a secret indie side to my style and then I will want some heartbreaking electric guitar. We’re all cocktails of our DNA and childhood and I think creating art is about trying to share that cocktail with people.
  4. How would you like to see your future in music develop? I would love to collaborate with more people I admire. I met MNEK last week and he’s such a creative genius (also just hilarious). I studied languages at Uni, so I’ve always dreamed of playing a show in South America and talking to the crowd in their mother tongue like Serena Williams did when she won the Italian Open. That’s quite a geeky ambition.
  5. What are your thoughts of the European representation of black woman in the entertainment industry? Black women have been oversexualised in the entertainment industry a) because of our body type and b) because we haven’t been appropriately respected. There are some fantastic black female role models now and I commend them for doing it in a time where their battle was much harder than mine is now. My goal is to show younger girls that no one can categorise them. I performed at Black Pride in sequin rainbow hot pants then went to The Houses of Parliament a day later to discuss diversity in beauty and fashion. These are legitimate sides of me, and neither negates the other.


Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2eeDEuB


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