#Fusion: 5 Reasons to watch #Okja on #Netflix

Here is the trailer for Okja; a movie about the friendship between a girl and a #superpig … and 5 reasons why it is a great movie to watch…

  1. The casting is spot-on and all the characters are very strong even the smaller roles. The main character, (Mija), played by Seo-Hyun Ahn is beautiful, with an ability to show so much emotion without speaking or with minimal dialogue. Tilda Swinton is as brilliant as ever, playing twin sisters and delivering powerful performances that are effortlessly subtle. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dr Johnny Wilcox, and has tragedy and comedy balanced perfectly. Personally, my favourite moments include the character Jay, played by Paul Dano… he is very likeable, shows different sides of what it means to be ‘human’, and does it all very naturally… he stands for kindness, compassion, honesty and loyalty… but he is still ‘human’, and has moments of being pushed to his limits too. Jay and his group remind me of The Twelve Monkeys – starring Brad Pitt (the executive producer of Okja on Netflix).
  2. The film is a mixture of many cultures, and languages, with it partly being in sub titles… this is even acknowledged as part of the story; the communication between people who speak different languages and have different cultures, as well as the communication between animals and humans: Reminding viewers that some things are universally understand.
  3. The film is visually vibrant and although the animals, including the main non-human character Okja, are animated, and parts of the movie are clearly aided with CGI, there is a quality of real-life and purity in certain scenes, this is a contrast from the scenes that show deceit and inhuman motives. The lighting, camera direction, pace and music come together to create an almost 4D sensation and atmosphere; further enhancing the mood of the characters and the unspoken elements of the story.
  4. This film is unique; it does not contain anything other than necessary elements, including use of the /f/ word in context, and scenes of violence. So much more is suggested than shown and this further enhances the storyline and high quality of this film.
  5. This film is extremely relatable, and even though it is a thought provoking story that will likely make you question elements of human choice, environmental issues and what it really means to be humane, there are also perfectly placed comedy moments that allow for a lighthearted break from the bigger heavier picture.

Article Artwork: Ara Eden Lee

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