#Family: 5 Tips for a family #bike ride

There are many cycling opportunities in #Canberra, and going out on a family bike ride is a great way to spend time together, get fresh air and do that all-important regular exercise… Here are 5 tips for your family bike rides:

  1. Always have your helmets ready to go, plus a bag designated to take with you. There are some things that are essential when going out with kids and even if you are only on a short ride, it is important to be well equipped. Include fresh water, sun lotion, wet-wipes or tissues and a snack for young ones in your bag.
  2. Although it is nice to switch off completely from technology when exploring the great outdoors, it is still important to take your mobile phone, just in case there is an emergency, or to snap a scenic photo or family picture.
  3. Wear thin layers or bike gear. Body temperature changes during exercise, and the climate outside changes depending on where you are riding. Tuck any loose clothing away for safety purposes, but ensure you have a thin jacket or waterproof overlay.
  4. If you are planning a long bike adventure check tyres, seat heights and gears before setting off, just as you would check the running of your car before a long journey, and ensure you take a spare inner tube for tyres, or a pump.Family Bike Ride
  5. Be prepared that the outward ride may be full of adventure and fun, but the journey home with children may not be as straightforward; they will likely complain, and be tired, maybe hot too. Give them encouragement and an incentive, perhaps stopping at a park nearer to home, or at the shops near your home to buy an ice-cream or cool drink.

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