#Fashion: 5 Reasons why A’Losh is a fashion campaign to support

This brand is a reflection of the creative director who is larger than life herself. She incorporated her personality into her designs by using bright colourful fabrics and her outfits are effortless, glamorous, and elegant yet playful and vivaciously stylish too. Here are 5 reasons why A’Losh is a fashion campaign to support and to be inspired by…

  1. The brand A’losh aims to evoke confidence, positivity and individuality in the wearer. The world today is filled with negative reports everywhere. Let’s spread positivity by feeding our subconscious with positive attributes through the art of fashion.
  2. You are what you wear. Wear and support a brand that feeds your mind with positivity and confidence!
  3. Be bold and stand out amongst your peers in beautiful bright colours that lift your mood, and in turn lift others’ moods.aloshfashion
  4. This brand is aware of its carbon footprint and the designer retains production in her place of residence to monitor quality control.
  5. Each design has a positive name that the wearer can feed on whilst wearing it. Names include: Desire, Buoyant, Vehemence, Allure, Ablaze, freedom, Acumen, Elation, Euphony, Vigour, Sorcerer and so on. Which one are you?

Kickstarter campaign link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2037362593/alosh-spreading-confidence-and-positivity

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