#Fusion: 5 Reasons you will love these five kids’ #books

Hi it is Rex again… I am a 9 year-old boy who really likes to read… but only awesome books, here are five books and 5 reasons to read them…

  1. #Goosebumps (as many as you are brave enough to read)… these are by R.L.Stine, and there are loads of them. Goosebumps books are the genre of horror, and these are scary, exciting and persuasive. My favourite is Creep of the Deep. The Goosebumps Movie is cool, but I only watch it with my mum and dad.
  2. I have read five of the Harry Potter books… and watched the movies too… I always have a break after each one and read other books, because these books by J.K.Rowling are really long and take a while to read, but it is worth it. The stories make you feel a bit nervous, and each book has a good story and then leads onto the next. I like the different characters in the book, as there are good and bad people in each book. My favourite so far is #HarryPotter and The Goblet of Fire.RexintheCityFull
  3. Guinness Book of Records comes out each year and is full of real life stories. Most kids my age would love the cool, funny and gross stuff in this book, It’s wicked.
  4. The Dandy is an annual that I was bought for one of my birthdays and I read it through that night, as it is really cool. My mum said she used to read it too when she was younger, so it is old. It is a comic book really and very funny, cool and silly. It inspires people to write comics. I wrote comic place mats for dinner after ready it.
  5. The Beano is another annual, that is also silly and cool too. I think it was first written a long time ago. My favourite character is Dennis the Menace.

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