#Family: 5 Reasons why Independence Day is a similar celebration to Australia Day

Happy July 4th 2017 to all Americans living and working in the world, including those in Canberra, Australia. Here are 5 reasons why #IndependenceDay in USA is similar to #AustraliaDay.

fourth of july


  1. These are both National Holidays when families celebrate with games, fun, and barbeques.
  2. 1700s marked both of these dates and there has been some contradiction of when these actual dates were… with Australian Day on the 26th January; the date when Arthur Philip arrived in Australia (1788), with convicts, although it wasn’t until 1818 that this date was officially celebrated as the 30th anniversary of British settlement and every year since. The ‘official’ declaration of Independence in America was on July 4th 1776, although some say July 2nd was the date and others report that it was even a whole month after this date in August.
  3. Arthur Philip was reported to have said: “In a new country there will be no slavery and hence no slaves.” (History.com), and whilst the British Government had sent offenders to live in Australia as a punishment, they were gaining individual independence as they were farming their own food and creating a community… In January 1901, the six colonies of Australia became an independent nation and the thirteen colonies of America gained independence from Britain.
  4. Some areas in America, and Canberra prohibit fireworks due to misuse or risks relating to weather conditions, but organised public displays add to the festivities on these dates and many families flock to enjoy the pyrotechnics.
  5. There is a whole lot of red, white and blue during both celebrations.

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