#Family: 5 Reasons to play these awesome board games

As a 9-year old kid, I have collected lots of board games and they are a great way to spend time with friends and family, especially when it is raining outside… here are five of my favorites with 5 reasons why they are totally AWESOME and good for learning too!

  1. #Balderdash board game is for over ten-year-olds, but I recently played this with my family and friends. Once we played with five people and another time with nine people. It is like a bluffing game where you use your imagination and make up hilarious and awesome answers to win points… it is a good way to learn strange, new words, and it is really funny to play. I first played this game in America.
  2. #Monopoly is the game I play the least, because everyone complains that it takes forever to finish, my cousin who is twelve is still playing the same game with his teenage sisters from months ago… they just don’t put the board away. I really like it and it is a family game… you can get different types of like The Simpsons or different cities, and the children’s version… but I like the adult, London one the best.
  3. #Cluedo is a mystery game and the rules are really simple, but it is not great for really young kids. I like it when the cards are revealed at the end, and that there is a secret passage on the board so you can go to another room.
  4. #Rummikub does not have a board, and it is better to play it on a table as you have to lay your tabs out. It is a fun game for children and adults and is about numbers and sequences and gets you thinking without knowing it. I first played this game in Newcastle, Australia.
  5. #Pucket is so fun and cool… I have a wooden one and it is really easy to play… you just had to pull a coin in the elastic and get it through the gap, and the person with no coins let is the winner. It is like scoring a goal in soccer, but with your fingers and not your feet and I am really good at this one. I first played this game in Greenwich, England.


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