#Fusion: 5 Tips when visiting Houston, Texas, USA

If you are thinking of travelling to Texas, America, then these 5 tips will be useful:

  1. It is a good idea to take some cash, plus a credit card that insures your overseas purchases. Contact your credit card provider before you travel to let them know your plans, this way they will not block your card, which often happens if an international transaction is made. Avoid drawing cash out of a machine, as you will be charged a fee.
  2. There are great shopping opportunities in Houston, including plenty of discounted outlet malls, large sports stores and massive shops dedicated to selling cowboy boots, hats and belts. So, if you plan to shop, make sure you leave half of your suitcase empty on the way, so you don’t exceed the luggage limit on the return journey. Roll your clothes instead of folding them, this takes less space, and wear the bulkiest garments and/or layers to travel in.
  3. If you are travelling from Canberra during the winter months, it will be hot when you arrive in Texas, so be prepared with sun lotions, hats and… with water proofs – because the tropical storms are also common. Mostly, the rain in Texas does not last too long, and it is dry again before you know it.
  4. Don’t panic about viruses, especially the Zika (find out more here: texaszika.org) because this will just make you worry about your time away – if you are pregnant or trying for a baby it is probably best to leave your trip to Texas until another time, as this virus is especially dangerous for pregnant women. The Zika Virus is most commonly spread via mosquito bites. Wear insect repellent wrist bands that are waterproof, and use insect repellant spray.
  5. America is known for its large food portions… but Texan portions are the largest, so you may want to skip lunch to make room for dinner, or opt for a child portion, which are ample. Some restaurants box up the leftovers to go… and remember that unlike in Australia, service charge and tips are not often included and need to be added on:15%-20% of the is standard.

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