#Flavour: 5 Steps to making the Perfect strawberry breakfast smoothie

Beautiful strawberriesEnjoy this simple and delicious smoothie for breakfast or as part of your first meal of the day. Here are 5 steps to making a lovely, healthy breakfast smoothie.

  1. Pop one frozen or chilled (peeled) banana to a blender (a ripe banana is best as it is sweeter, if you would like to add more sweetness other than the fruit, add nectar or honey)
  2. Add two cups of frozen strawberries (fresh ones can be frozen, or add a smaller portion of refrigerated ones with some ice cubes).
  3. Add 1 small tub of Greek yogurt
  4. Add some chia seeds which are gluten free and a great source of protein and fibre
  5. Whizz everything up and pour into a large glass, and enjoy on its own, or with a small bowl of porridge, or a handful of mixed nuts.

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