#Fashion: 5 Steps to painting perfect salon #nails at home

Many people in Canberra enjoy a visit to the nail salon, but it is also possible to get salon looking nails if you decide to do them yourself at home. UK salon owner, beauty therapist, nail technician and make-up artist Kelli Waldock shares her tips for painting your own nails at home, to a salon standard.

Nail Tips

  1. The key to good self-application is to ensure nails are clean, but not oily.
  2. There are lots of amazing colours available from beauty brands. Always add a base coat to stop the nails getting stained, then add a couple of layers of colour, followed by a fast-drying top coat to prevent chipping, and/or a fast-drying spray, which will speed-up the drying process.
  3. Ensure that you paint the hand you write with first and then let it dry, so you are painting with your steadiest hand last.
  4. To reduce chipping the nail varnish glide some of the colour, before adding the top coat, across the edge of the nail.
  5. When removing your polish use a non-acetone remover. Patience is the key thing when painting your own nails, make sure you don’t use your hands until the polish is completely dried, and wear rubber gloves if you have to wash up dishes.


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