#Fashion: 5 Tips for fashionista when travelling to LA

The heart of film and fame; Los Angeles is the dream destination…  I was fortunate enough to visit L.A at the start of 2017 for a bit of work and lots of pleasure… and what better way to start the year? So, if you are thinking of travel to L.A anytime soon, here are my five tips for fashionistas:

TIP #1

Travel: With a huge population and not a great public transport system, save yourself the hassle and get chauffeured around in style… Uber, and Lyft are the most popular services; convenient and quickest ways to travel around L.A. You can get a private Uber, or you can share, which is great because you never know who you may share your journey with… I met many people in the film and fashion industries. Prices can vary from $5-$20 depending how long your journey is.

TIP #2

Eat: When it comes to eating out L.A has many food spots, but if you are like me and like to dine in style take a look at some of my favorite restaurants;

  • Faith &Flower – Downtown L.A fine dining Style $$$$
  • California Pizza Kitchen ­-Hollywood Blvd Chilled & casual Style $$
  • Farmers Market ­– The Grove Street food Style $$

TIP #3

Shop: Whether you are shopping on a budget or going all out Haute Couture, there’s a little bit of everything in L.A… Go to Beverly Hills, and Melrose Avenue for the best designer brands, and you will find a great selection of boutiques; Rebecca Minkoff, Alexander McQueen, Dash, Paul Smith just to name a few. Or if you’re looking for a mix of high-street and designer, then The Grove has it all! This was the highlight of my trip, mainly because I attended the Rebecca Minkoff Spring show which was amazing, but also because they have a great selection of shops and perfect backdrops for Instagram-worthy selfies. Just in case you wish to check mine out: Instagram: Yasminleonniesenah

TIP #4

Stay: Loews Hotel in Hollywood, Sofitel in Beverly Hills, Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, are some of the best hotels in L.A with amazing spa and restaurant facilities, and celebrity spotting too! But, I have discovered a greater way to stay… Airbnb is the latest thing on the travel seen. I stayed at two different places while I was in L.A, and my first Airbnb was a 1920’s Hollywood style studio and was in a great location opposite the Paramount studios. The second was an apartment behind Hollywood Boulevard; it was immaculate with the standard of a five-star hotel, but for less. I would definitely recommend Airbnb to anyone who stays in L.A, you will really feel at home!

TIP #5

Style: A street style is very diverse, but if you don’t want to look like a tourist, I would suggest keeping it casual. I spent hours deciding what heels and glamorous outfits I would take to L.A, but ended up wearing trainers, ripped jeans and t-shirt’s most days. Plus, it is summer all year round in L.A. so don’t bring a coat… a lightweight jacket will be perfect, or stylish pashmina.


By Yasmin Leonnie Senah

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