#Family: 5 Reasons toxins build up on our skin

Everyone wants good quality and fresh-looking skin… so let’s get rid of those toxins!


Air Pollution is inside buildings… at home, in offices, on public transport… AND outside – especially built-up busy cities! Some air pollution can sink in through the pores of your skin, and dirty air also rests on the surface of your skin. Bad (poor, dirty air) can cause damage to the top layer of the skin; so this layer is left unprotected. Compared with other major world cities Canberra pollution levels are relative lower, so it is something to consider when travelling to different cities… start by staying hydrated before a long flight.toxins-on-skin-photo-by-samantha-jones


UV rays from the sun can cause damage to skin, in particular to fair tones, so where protective creams, and where hats and sunglasses. Do not stay out of the sun completely, as it is important to get a daily dose of vitamin D.


Alcohol in excess can dehydrate the skin… The worst drinks are cocktails because they are mixed with other sweet drinks and with sugar… And SUGAR can cause acne.


Smokers have built-up toxins inside their bodies that show on the surface of the skin, and passive smokers are affected too.


Office air conditioning, and even air pollution from printing equipment in office buildings can add to the build up of toxins on your skin.

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