#Fusion: 5 Inspirational musicians on Youtube

Not every YouTuber has millions of viewers or thousands of subscribers… Some people are not even aware that they are being recorded, and it is for this reason that f-ACT shares the inspirational work of musicians, so that any young people growing up in Canberra wanting to pursue their hobby or career in music can see and hear and feel the special talents that others have… Not every amazing musician or singer has an international platform, or stage or radio airtime… Talent goes beyond what we may hear from mainstream music and so please view the below and comment on their channels… and most of all BE INSPIRED!


This was secretly filmed… and is not the best quality video, but is truly magical to listen to… especially the singing (UK)


Weston improvises piano, and this is a really beautiful, romantic piece… all orginal music from his finger tips… (America)


Loving this sound on the keyboard… It looks like it is filmed in a swimming pool or on the underground in London… (England, UK)


Here is some traditional sitar playing, for the total love of it, through his veins… (India)


Harmonica and Jazz – great combination for any inspiration… (France)

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