#Family: 5 Tips for achieving #happiness in your #relationships

As humans, it’s only natural that we address the concept of ‘Happiness’… And this is becoming a more common theme in our day-to-day lives… We’ve all had sad feelings, negative emotions and challenging times, but living in the pursuit of happiness can be unhealthy too… always thriving for items, or experiences we haven’t had, with many of us living by the unachievable mantra of, “If I had this or that, I’d be happy…”

One of the areas of our lives where we often struggle to gain that ‘happy’ is in our relationships. Why? Well, we place much expectation on ourselves and on our partners – trying to live up to that lustful passion that we experienced at the start of our relationship, but never quite getting there…

Here are 5 top tips on how you can inject more ‘happiness’ into your relationship:

TIP #1

Smile – simple! Smile at yourself in the mirror to boost self-like and confidence, and smile at your partner too. It’s amazing the impact of a smile. Neuro-scientific research shows that our brains cannot differentiate between fake smiles and real smiles, and so we ‘think’ we are happy when our face moves in the smiling expression, and as a result positive and happy connections are made in the brain.

TIP #2

Laugh – with your partner, not at your partner! Watch a romantic comedy together, and reminisce about funny shared experiences.

TIP #3

Having sex with your partner not only reinforces your physical bond and emotional energy, but also releases positive chemicals in the brain, which make you satisfied on all levels. It is worth ensuring that both you and your partner reach climatic heights, or you may feel more frustrated or resentful than contented. If full penetration is not something you both can manage for various reasons, then try sharing a sensual shower.

TIP #4

Create new memories together… Go for a bike ride, or on an adventure, perhaps grab a last minute break away, or go to the movies. Have a date night, hold hands too, and you’ll likely to be doing tips 1 through to 3 as well as tip 4.family-relationships

TIP #5

Be spontaneous, and make decisions to do things outside of the normal routine. This could be as small as going for a morning walk, or something random like jumping on a bus and seeing where you both end up, just remember your bus fare home.

One last thing to remember is that happiness is just a word; a concept – yes, it is there for us to use in order to describe a feeling, but sometimes it is easier to just feel and experience, rather than labelling it… strip away that expectation and enjoy the shared moments.


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