#Fitness: 5 Reasons to do these 5 primal exercises

Canberra has loads of gyms and there is plenty of opportunity for outdoor sports… but are you paying attention to the basics? Primal exercises are so important because humans are made to move in these ways, but we often neglect these exercises… These movements can be integrated into your exercise routine, or used as a warm-up, a cool down after the routine, or even as a 5-minute session of its own. You may choose to do each exercise for maybe 30 seconds, or a certain number of each, whatever suits your own fitness levels. 

#1 Kick-Throughs:

This exercise is effective for developing a strong core and upper-body strength.

#2 Crab Kick-Throughs:

This exercise challenges and improves your coordination, and ability to understand where your body is in space.

#3 Step Lunge Reach:

Many of my clients love this exercise, as it stretches your hip flexors, as well as most parts of your rotator cuff.

#4 Supine Scorpion Swing:

This exercise is great for your hip and pelvis mobility, and it strengthens your upper body simultaneously.

#5 Crab Reach: 

Women particularly see the benefit from doing this, as it is a great butt and thigh activator!

By Marc Dressen: Germany-born Marc Dressen, is a Personal Trainer and Sports Scientists based in London, he offers advice via online platforms, including his YouTube Channel, and his fitness and weight loss programmes.

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