#Fashion: 5 Inspirational #London #designers

London inspires many a resident, and visitor with its eclectic mix of pretty much everything… food, entertainment, personalities, literature, art, histories, and more. Fashion has certainly stamped its stiletto into the stone slabs of the Capital.

Derbyshire born Dame Vivienne Westwood, one of Britain’s most unique and talked-about ladies for her controversial antics, and her environmental messages, as well as her exquisite designs, bases her showroom in Central London. She dressed London formed group; The Sex Pistols, back in the 1970’s, and I was lucky enough to work at her showroom over a period of a few years, modelling her Red Label, Gold Label and Anglomania – mostly I needed two dressers before displaying the collections to the clients, as the designs were so brilliantly intricate, yet worked like a simple puzzle.


The day before I modelled for Vivienne’s look book, directed by her husband Andreas, was the first and only time I met the Dame. She carries powerful energy, and was not fazed when my bare breast was displayed inches away from her face after she undid the lapel of the jacket that I was modelling for her. I laugh about it now and I even laughed then – but only in my head.

So, Vivienne fled to London, as have many other designers; both the inspirational and the inspired.

When you visit London, England, be sure to strut along the golden streets of The Kings Road or tiptoe through the cobbled streets of Covent Garden or New Bond Street, and wander down the traditional Notting Hill Market to be inspired even more.

Until you visit in person, check out these websites of five great London designers:

  1. Tina Lobondi: http://www.tinalobondi.com
  2. London Finery: https://www.finerylondon.com
  3. Vicca Bond: http://www.viccabond.uk
  4. Marc Jacques Burton: http://marcjacquesburton.com
  5. Vivienne Westwood (of course): http://www.viviennewestwood.com

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