#Fashion: 5 Inspirational #bridal fashion images

A modern, fashionista bride is a woman that embraces the traditions of marriage, along with the importance of romance and commitment, but holds onto her freedom, so she can spread her beautiful wings and still be the independent person she has always been, whilst flying side-by-side with her life partner… Multi-award winning bridal hairdresser, Vicki Lord studied the flamboyant Ian Stuart dress designs to help her create four beautiful bridal looks inspired by nature and by avant-garde fashion.

Brides-to-be of Canberra be bold in your decisions to choose dresses, hairstyles and themes inspired by avant-garde.

Swan Bride

Elegant Swan Bride

Swan 2 Bride

Swan Bride wearing Wild Flower Ian Stuart Gown


Owl Bride wearing Sweet Madness Ian Stuart Gown


Peahen Bride wearing Wonderlust Ian Stuart gown


Flamingo Bride wearing Labyrinth Ian Stuart Gown



Hair, using Balmain and Batiste, by Vicki Lord (http://www.vickilordbridalhair.co.uk)

Ian Stuart gowns: (http://www.ianstuart-bride.com)

Celeb MUA (http://www.amsimak.com)

Photographer: Perou’s assistant Dawn Jones (http://www.stoyanovandjones.com)

At Belair House in West Dulwich, London (http://belairhouse.co.uk)

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