#Fusion: 5 Reasons to read f-ACT #magazine

There are a plethora of magazines in print and online, and so you may be wondering what is so different about f-ACT… well, check out the About f-ACT Magazine page and continue reading for five reasons to read f-ACT Magazine:

  1. You can find out about #families, #fashion, #fitness, #flavours and #fusion from all over the globe on just one website.
  2. All the content on this website is international, but has been especially sourced, written and compiled for residents of #Canberra, Australia.
  3. This website is super easy to navigate around and articles are quick to read either offering 5 reasons, 5 tips, 5 Q&A interviews, 5 steps or 5 star inspirations.
  4. You will not only be inspired by the content on this site, but always you can learn more about the people living in Canberra that may have different cultures.
  5. This website is also a place where you can share your knowledge and inspire people.
Canberra from Telstra Tower

Photo: Taken in Canberra from Telstra Tower

Text and Image: Jordan Martin


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